Wholesale Real Estate

Becoming a wholesaler is a great way to get into being a Real Estate Investor. You don’t need money to get going. Buying from wholesalers is also a great way to buy a property to flip. Some of the challenges is connecting the two. Currently wholesalers need to build their own buyers lists and that takes a lot of work. For buyers, they deal with the issue that all of these wholesaler’s lists are private, so you don’t know if you are on their premier list, their basic list or their scraps list (where the only deals coming to you are the ones being daisy chained, meaning that the person sending you the deal doesn’t have the deal but they want to add a fee for forwarding you the info). Noble Tower hopes to be able to fix this problem for both sides. have a I have added some great info on that from some of the biggest players in Real Estate.

How to get into wholesale



Daisy Chaining in Real Estate


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