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Private Money for your Fix and Flip Project

We have created a large pool of cash investors. We currently have more capital available than projects, so we are looking for partners that need capital partners.

Let me first explain what kind of projects we would be willing to partner on and what information we would need to review:

  • Fix and Flips in the Greater Seattle, WA Area for now, we are open to expanding to other markets and are willing to take a look
  • A minimum of 2 previous projects but prefer 5 or more, with financials
  • How long have you been doing projects, what other pertinent experience you have
  • A breakdown of your current business structure (personnel, responsibilities and splits)

That is the initial info that we would need to review, if we are interested we will follow up with any additional questions. We would like to create our partnerships to be able to last over multiple projects, so even if you do not have a current project that you would like to partner on we can get the ball moving. If there is a specific project that you are looking for funding for the additional information that we would need for the individual projects are as follows:

  • A Proforma (a financial statement showing all costs and profits projected for the project)
  • A scope of work with costs
  • ARV (After Repair Value) and comps to support that
  • Photos of the current condition

Depending on the project we may require more information but this is the minimum.

To give you an idea of what kind of terms we are willing to provide:

  • We will go into 2nd position with a deed of trust, behind a hard money lender with a construction loan (we have connections with many different lenders and can possibly help you get better terms, depending on your needs)
  • We will require a promissory note with a personal guarantee
  • The base term of the note will be 6 months for 2 points with 1 month extensions available for a point each
  • The rate will be between 12-20% based on the risk factors since there are many being in 2nd position
  • The 2 points will be paid up front, but can be taken out of the loan amount

If this is of interest to you, send an email to crown.estates.wa@gmail.com and include at least the information that is in red, if you have a specific project include the info that is in purple as well.

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Networking for Real Estate

We believe that networking in real estate is essential, but we believe that it needs to come into the digital age.
Like with many things, there is a resistance to change and some people believe that the old way is the only way and that it is the best way (We have included some articles that represent some of those strategies).
If those ways are you preferred methods, by all means continue to do that, but if we could add to that wouldn’t you want to be able to increase your network any way possible? That is what we are attempting to do with NobleTower.com. At normal networking events, you have a finite amount of time, you may not have the kind of contact that you are looking for there, if the contact your looking for is there they may also be looking for a specific kind of contact and you may not be it, even if you do end up talking to someone that seems to fit the mold of what you are looking for they could end up being unreliable, unethical or any other undesirable trait as well and there are many other constraints that may apply.
We aim to reduce if not eliminate those constraints all together, we want to be able to connect everyone with who they are looking for and make it as convenient as possible. So check out the site, if you like what you see, sign up and join the Noble Tower Network.