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Financing for Fix and Flip

One of the biggest hurdles for people to doing fix and flips is the capital needed. There are many different options. Figuring out how to finance your project is a crucial step to becoming a successful real estate investor. Here are some articles that show a few different possibilities. https://www.investopedia.com/articles/investing/012617/how-get-loan-flip-house.asp Fix and Flip Loans: The […]


Wholesale Real Estate

Becoming a wholesaler is a great way to get into being a Real Estate Investor. You don’t need money to get going. Buying from wholesalers is also a great way to buy a property to flip. Some of the challenges is connecting the two. Currently wholesalers need to build their own buyers lists and that […]

Build a Real Estate Investment Network

How Big is Your Real Estate Investment Network? Because real estate investing has so many areas, you need to have connections to professionals. Some of these must-have professions include: Contractors Appraisers Inspectors Financing Real Estate Attorney Insurance Agent Bookkeeper or Accountant Professional Other Real Estate Investors Title and Escrow Property Managers Building Material Vendors Real Estate Agent If you […]

Starting to Invest in Real Estate

Getting started in Real Estate Investing can be overwhelming as well as exciting. It doesn’t matter if you are interested in rentals, multi-families, fix and flips, rehabs, wholesales, REITs, or groups. There is a lot that goes along with it. Here are some very interesting articles that describes some tactics, strategies and methods to get […]